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George talks with 2 gentlemen about a growing movement in the country…Living Free…Constitutional Revolutionaries, Patriots, Sovereign People, Off the Grid… the movement is characterized by many names. But in the end these people are seeking to be free, seeking to be free of rules, regulation and the bureaucratic reach of government in every aspect of our lives. Yes, they seem extreme, but let’s take a look further…they may have the keys to getting America back on track.

Teresa Carey lives on her sailboat Daphne with no flush toilet or shower, an icebox for a refrigerator, no television and few electronics. She doesn’t see it as a sacrifice, but as an opportunity to live a bigger life unfettered by her possessions.

Eddie Ebel wanted his family to be self-sufficient so he began designing a home and teaching his kids to build it. His eldest boys are just 14 and 15 years old, but they learned how to do it all: cut wood, put up walls, lay floor, install electrical, explains Eddie, “because those are life skills that are important to have and are just not being passed from generation to generation anymore”.

The family doesn’t just want to get off the grid, but as 21st century missionaries, they want to help others become self reliant and build their own stuff as well. They knew they wanted to work with communities from Oregon to Alaska so they decided to build a barge. It’s both home for the Ebel family of 12 (6 kids are adopted) and a floating workshop complete with a mill so they can help communities fix things, and learn to fix things.

Their barge is also the beginning of a future liveaboard-community (they’re calling it the “Pacific Iceberg”). Eddie invented a building technique using floats so that their boat is actually a “floating dock” and the project can grow.

Pacific Iceberg:

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Brian is an “obsessive craftsman” who believes he can build most anything in his life. On his Oregon farm he has built, or renovated, 5 tiny structures. After being told by the county that he couldn’t erect a yurt, he built a code-approved main house “to give us a place to legally stay”.

Once the main house was built, he created several smaller structures (less than 200 square feet) on the property from 90% local materials.

The farm is completely off the grid and Schulz points out that this doesn’t mean they rely on propane or lots of photovoltaics. Nearly all their tools for living have been adapted to fit the off-grid lifestyle. For his prototype solar-powered bathhouse Schulz used recycled solar hot water panels, salvaged hot water tanks (from the dump), a solar thermal window and a recycled soaking tub. Indoors, Schulz has adapted a chest freezer to create a low-consuming refrigerator (using a tenth of the electricity of a regular fridge) and a 1940s wood-fired cookstove to cook, heat and as a heat-exchanger, harvesting waste heat and thermo-syphoning water to heat up the home’s hot water.

They do have a limited number of photovoltaic panels which produce about 1000 watts of electricity when the sun is shining (for the entire farm), as well as a micro hydro generator in the creek and solar thermal panels.

Schulz models much of what he builds on the Japanese aesthetic and tries to make everything in his life not just functional, but beautiful (e.g. his bathhouse was designed not just as a shower, but as a way to de-stress).

Schulz is an avid kayaker and for his day job, he builds skin-on-frame kayaks (as well as teach others to build their own).

Cape Falcon Kayak:

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